Data protection should not be an after-thought.

We have compiled a list of 10 compelling reasons why your organization should invest in DLP and consider choosing Safetica as your solution.

No.Why your business needs Data Loss Prevention (DLP)Why you should choose Safetica
1.You are not sure where your company’s confidential data is being stored, where it’s being sent and who is accessing it.Safetica makes it easy to see company data across a multitude of channels and platforms (supporting macOS and Windows), ensuring 365- degree visibility wherever data resides or flows.
2.Your company has a plan for protecting data from external threats but does not have measures in place to prevent theft or accidental disclosure of sensitive information by employees or partners.With Safetica, you can analyze insider risks, detect threats, and mitigate them swiftly. Get your hybrid digital workspace under control, discover unwanted software and hardware, analyze behavior to detect and audit high-risk employees.
3.You are concerned about the liability, negative exposure, fines and lost revenue associated with data breaches.Safetica deploys quickly and seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructure to minimize compatibility issues. Enjoy enhanced data protection and productivity without significant delays or disruptions.
4.You are worried about your next audit and want to ensure compliance with complex regulatory requirements.Safetica helps you to detect, prevent, and mitigate regulatory violations. Its audit capabilities support incident investigation so you can comply with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.
5.You need to safeguard data against security risks brought about by the usage of BYOD and IoT.Safetica’s persistent data classifications resist attempts to bypass DLP, even when files are archived, encrypted, or have a different extension. This protection extends to new documents and files leaving the protected endpoint.
6.You would like to monitor your organization for any misconduct or inappropriate behavior exhibited by employees.Safetica can analyze, detect and mitigate insider risks in your hybrid workspace. Discover unwanted hardware & software, and audit high-risk employees' behavior.
7.Your organization would like to proactively prevent the misuse of data at endpoints, both on and off the corporate network.Restrict the use of portable peripherals or unauthorized media. Safetica remains fully active regardless of network connection. All collected records are synchronized when connection is restored.
8.You want to understand both individual and team productivity and know what makes some individuals or teams more productive than others.With Safetica, you can objectively analyze user activities in your environment and determine whether your company equipment and network are used properly.
9.You would like to automate corporate governance as a means of improving compliance while saving time and resources.Safetica can set up security policies for specific groups or individuals. Select the desired workflow with configurable actions: from silent auditing, through user notifications to strict blocking.
You would like to gain a competitive advantage in both brand value and reputation.Safetica protects critical data and helps to prevent the negative publicity and loss of revenue that inevitably follow data breaches.

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