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Volktek offers a wide range of optical fiber and copper Ethernet products including Switches, Media Converters, IIoT Gateways, and PoE Injectors with a consistent interface across devices of commercial, hardened, and industrial-grade for Broadband, Surveillance, and Industrial applications encompassing important attributes in performance, management, reliability, security, and scalability.


Metro Ethernet

Aggregation and access switches of fiber and copper connectivity for broadband and mobile backhaul network applications.

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Surveillance Ethernet

Eco-friendly PoE switches for indoor and outdoor Smart City, Factory, and Building monitoring applications.

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Industrial Ethernet

Industrial grade, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet devices for extreme environments in industrial automation applications.

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Lite Managed Switches

Fast installation devices with device performance monitoring and topology map to reduce the hazards and costs of infrastructure management.

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Media Converters

Hardened and industrial-grade devices with fiber, copper, and serial conversion for broadband and industrial applications.

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Power Injectors

Low investment power sourcing equipment with PoE to enable smart power and data over an Ethernet network.

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Industrial grade SFP modules for Ethernet switches to transmit data over optical fiber at different distances and speeds transmission.

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Power cables and Industrial Power Supplies for Ethernet Switches.

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Why Volktek

Established in 1994, Volktek is a professional original design and manufacturing service company of market certified networking technologies headquartered in Taiwan with sales offices in the USA, India, Germany and Sweden. We design products with focus on the end-user, and manufacture a wide-range of high-quality radiation-free optical devices in house and deliver them to our network of partners and distributors across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Our products support current and next-generation Ethernet platforms for Metro, Surveillance and Industrial applications.

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Design & Manufacturing

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30 Years of Experience

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High Quality


Volktek solutions

Volktek solutions have been implemented in applications worldwide. Learn from our reference cases on how your network can benefit from our platform.


Our Value

Volktek is a leading manufacturer of high-performance networking solutions which support both, today’s and the Next Generation Ethernet platforms.


Volktek products

Volktek products meet the latest standards in performance and quality and are internationally certified by agencies such as DNV/GL, ISO, FCC, CE and VCCI.


169 products

    169 products