Incident Communication Solution for Agile IT Incident and Services Managers

AstroStatus is a user-friendly incident communication solution that helps incident management and response teams automate incident monitoring, communicate service outages and scheduled maintenance to internal teams and customers using status pages and email notifications.

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What you can do with AstroStatus?

Create Status Pages

AstroStatus offers three types of status pages-private, public, and subscriber-centric-for you to choose from.

Monitor Your Service in Real-Time 

Connect monitoring services like Pingdom, Datadog, Freshping, Site24x7, Nodeping, and more to automatically reflect the real-time status of your service on the status page.

Add Various Components

Create components and sub-components to give customers granular insights into your services or microservices, including uptime stats.

Manage Subscribers

Import subscribers to AstroStatus using CSV files and alert them about incidents and maintenance. Customers can also subscribe to receive notifications from your service.

Customize Status Pages

Add branding elements such as logo, icons, and color themes. You can also customize your status page's info and email notifications.

Assign Roles and Privileges

Add team members to your projects and assign roles specific to their responsibilities so the right stakeholders have the right access.

Trigger Alerts and Notifications

Send real-time alerts to your subscribers via email and status pages.

Host Status Pages for Different Servers

Do you maintain servers in different geographical locations? Create a status page for each location and allow customers to subscribe to updates from a specific location.

Communicate with Readymade Templates 

Choose a pre-designed template from our gallery to quickly communicate common incidents and focus your time on incident resolution.

Manage Incidents and Schedule Maintenance  

Report incidents and schedule maintenance under specific projects and notify internal stakeholders and customers.

Why choose AstroStatus?

Reduce support costs and the volume of support requests by proactively communicating incidents and scheduled maintenance to all end users in advance.

Meet SLAs with AstroStatus's timely incident updates within the portal and showcase your server uptime.

Increase customer trust by displaying historical uptime and real-time system data on the AstroStatus page.

Never miss a critical alert for your team and immediately begin resolution to ensure reliability and credibility among end users.