Reliable hardware for your business

Displays, Networking, Collaboration and Storage solutions
Pro AV/AV over IP Switches

NETGEAR's Pro AV solutions are engineered specifically for AV over IP with out-of-the-box support for every networked AV solution.

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Industrial Switch

Volktek industrial switches offer a reliable and secure network for industrial automation, transportation, and surveillance applications.

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Intelligent AV Distribution

Rapidly deploy AV solutions of unlimited scale, unsurpassed performance, and unrivaled reliability over industry-standard IP networks.

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LAN Cable & Patch Cable

Goobay network cables offer reliable and fast data transmission for your home or office network. With various lengths available, these quality cables provide a cost-effective solution for connecting your devices to the internet or other networking devices.

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Enterprise Storage

Optimized for data-intensive applications, Toshiba MG Series is perfect for businesses that need to store and access large amounts of data quickly and securely.

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All-in-One LED Display

Leave a lasting impression with your audience with the best-in-class 135'' portable monitor, with its impressive true-to-life colours that shine bright, it is a one display solution that fits all.

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Commercial Projector

Experience impressive visuals on the big screen with our commercial projector - perfect for presentations, training, and entertainment.

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Professional Monitors

Delivering color-accurate, true-to-life images with industry color standards including sRGB, Adobe RGB, and many more.

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Wireless Smart Security Camera

Boost your business security with Arlo Pro 5, a trustworthy and user-friendly system created to safeguard your premises.

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Reliable Software for your business

Unified Endpoint Management solution, Data Loss Prevention


Unified Endpoint Management is crucial in managing and securing all devices and apps in an organization, increasing productivity, reducing downtime, and optimizing IT operations in a simple and scalable way.

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Data loss protection is essential in preventing sensitive business information from being lost, stolen, or compromised. It exposes and secures data leaks, thereby guarding your business from potential financial and legal consequences.

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