Preventing the loss of manufacturing know-how

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Nearly half of manufacturing companies suffered a digital attack in 2020, resulting in loss of know-how, compliance violations and severe reputation issues. With an average price tag of 646 thousand dollars.

Those incidents are also getting more and more expensive. And this cost is growing every year, the current number being the result of explosive +80% increase from 2016 price. More than half (56%) is caused by negligent employee or contractor, 26 % by criminal and malicious insider and just 18% by credential theft.

What are the types of data that manufacturing companies produce – and need to protect?

  • Intellectual property: products, patents, designs,
  • customer data
  • PII data
  • IoT data

Average Cost of Incident Caused by Insider

Negligent employee or contractor $484931

Criminal & malicious insider $648062

Credential thief $804997

+80 % insider threat spend vs. 2016