Healthcare: How to protect your sensitive data and why

With new technologies and data processes, data can leak without being noticed, and the consequences can be severe. Healthcare organizations must protect their patient's data as rigorously as they protect their patients.

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Data Discovery and Data Classification

Know what sensitive data you have, where it is, and how it’s used and take appropriate measures to keep it safe and secure.

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is the number of medical records that were lost, stolen or exposed in the last decade.

$10.10 million

is the average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry. Compared to 2021, it is a 9.4% increase.


of healthcare data breaches come from the inside (employees, contractors, etc.).

What are the most important types of data that healthcare organizations must protect?

  • Email addresses
  • Medical record numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Fingerprints, retinal and voice prints
  • Social security numbers
  • Health insurance beneficiary numbers
  • and more

The most important regulations that Healthcare institutions must comply with