Speedy, seamless connectivity you can rely on, no matter the size of your home

by NH Lim

Say goodbye to spotty Internet with Singtel’s Home Priority and Home Priority Plus plans.

Enjoy fast and stable Internet connectivity all day with Singtel's Home Priority Plans. Photos: Getty Images

If you have ever experienced your laptop screen freezing during an important Zoom video call, social media feeds not loading, computer game glitching or the Netflix series you are binge-watching taking ages to buffer, you might be familiar with the hair-pulling frustration of having to put up with a patchy Internet connection.

With most of us relying heavily on the Internet for work and play, a fast and stable connection at home has become as essential as having a fridge or washing machine. And if you have a large or complex home configuration, that’s where things get even more complicated. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be with Singtel’s Home Priority plans, which promise a speedy, reliable Wi-Fi experience no matter the size or layout of your home.


Placing the Wi-Fi router in the living room or a central area makes sense for small homes, but it might not always be ideal for those living in larger homes with more complex layouts. With Singtel’s Home Priority plans and accompanying bespoke installation service (worth S$145), you can outsource the problem of figuring out where to place the router to the experts.

If you live in a large single-storey apartment, Singtel’s Home Priority plan, which costs S$72.67 a month (usual price: S$88.82), is for you. With 2Gbps fibre broadband and four Singtel Wi-Fi 6 mesh extender units for optimal coverage across every square inch of your home (up to five bedrooms), you’ll no longer experience your Wi-Fi acting up at inopportune moments.

Live in a multi-storey house? Then opt for Singtel’s Home Priority Plus plan at S$121.12 a month (usual price: S$129.20), which is inclusive of a complimentary PICO 4 VR headset (worth S$499, while stocks last). It comes with up to four Netgear Orbi mesh units that provide comprehensive vertical Wi-Fi 6 to give you consistent signals across different floors, from the basement to the attic. You will also get a complimentary site survey to check for any wiring compatibility issues that might exist in multi-storey homes.


For inhabitants of multi-generational homes, the Internet connection must work doubly hard to ensure that Dad can take that Zoom call in the second-floor study as Junior unlocks achievements on his game console from his third-storey bedroom, all while Grandma streams her Hong Kong drama in the living room downstairs. And let’s not forget about those always-on smart home appliances such as TVs, speakers and even refrigerators.

Easing bandwidth congestion and boosting network speeds is the Netgear Orbi mesh extender, which is bundled with the Home Priority (Orbi) and Home Priority Plus plans. Touting Wi-Fi 6 capabilities that offer range and power up to four times that of its predecessor Wi-Fi 5, the device has a combined bandwidth of 5.4Gbps, compared to entry-level counterparts that typically offer a combined bandwidth of 1.8Gbps. This means you’ll be able to browse, scroll, operate that robot vacuum cleaner and stream to your heart’s content without your connection being impaired – even when more than 40 devices are linked to your home network.


Should you encounter problems with your Internet connection, help is but a phone call away. Singtel Home Priority plan subscribers are given priority customer service with a dedicated hotline. If on-site assistance is needed, a technician will visit your residence within two hours if you call between 9am and 6pm.

Now, how’s that for hassle-free connectivity you can count on.

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