Professional Services ​

We pride ourselves on catering to businesses of all sizes and diverse industries. Our dedicated team is equipped to seamlessly guide you through the implementation of Safetica Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions, ensuring a tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of healthcare, finance, technology, manufacturing and beyond.

Your data security journey is our priority, regardless of your company's scale.

Assuring you of most competitive pricing irrespective of industry 

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Implementation Service

We offer pre-paid Implementation Services which eliminate the need for customers to configure or set up the Safetica solution.

The service ensures that the solution is tailored precisely to the customer's needs.​

Key Benefits
  • Time and Effort Saving:
    Save time and effort by avoiding the complexities of configuring the Safetica solution.​
  • Optimized Experience:
    The service ensures that the Safetica solution is adjusted to suit your specific needs. ​
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Health Check Service

We offer remote Health Check services to verify that the Safetica solution is functioning correctly.

​ It includes recommendations for any necessary configuration changes and ensures that the solution aligns with the customer's requirements.​

Key Benefits
  • Proactive Maintenance:
    Save time and effort by avoiding the complexities of configuring the Safetica solution.​
  • Better Security State:
    Recommendations for configuration changes help in optimizing the solution to better meet your needs, enhancing overall effectiveness.​
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Support Services

Choose the level of Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) you want, such as Premium SLA Silver or Premium SLA Gold.

​ This service is a crucial part of Safetica Implementation, offering exclusive care worldwide.​

Key Benefits
  • Tailored Support:
    Select the level of support that aligns with your requirements, ensuring you receive the appropriate level of assistance.
  • Global Coverage:
    Our exclusive services are available worldwide, ensuring comprehensive and reliable support wherever you are.

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