How to Install Kodak Infinio F882 - Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras

by Imah Mohamad

Getting the Kodak Infinio F882 set up and configured is a breeze, making it one of the best smart home security camera systems for both beginners and advanced users alike.

Here's How to Install your Kodak Infinio F882.

1. Connect the base station to the internet.
Begin by hooking the Kodak Infinio F882 hub up. Plug in its power cable using the provided micro USB cable and wall charger.

2. Insert the microSD card
Your microSD card should come pre-loaded, but if not, pop it into the base station.

3. Plugin your Ethernet cable
Connect the base station to your router using the included Ethernet cable.

4. Download & Open Kodak Smart Home app
Download & Open the Kodak Smart Home app for Android or iOS.

5. Add the Base station
Follow the setup directions in the Kodak Smart Home app which starts with adding the hub.

6. Add your Cameras
Slide the button on your cameras to the on position.

7. Pair your Cameras
Press the pairing button on the base station. The indicator lights on the cameras and hub will flash red, settling on a solid green once successfully paired.

8. Install your camera & Begin using the hub
Once you’ve completed pairing your cameras and base station, simply place your cameras in the desired location. You can use the bundled mounting bracket hardware.