Small and medium business's also need to protect their Data

Data protection is one of the most critical components of​ a comprehensive security strategy, yet many businesses still do not see the benefits of implementing data protection measures. The financial implications of a data breach are potentially disastrous for SMBs, but luckily it is easier and more cost-effective than ever to implement effective data protection strategies.

Because digital tools and hybrid workspaces have changed the way we work, security incidents can occur undetected, and the consequences of such data leakages can be disastrous. No matter whether data leaks via email, communication platforms, databases, IT systems, or portable devices, the leak can cause damage.

Sensitive data that SMBs own​

One of the most important things to remember is that sensitive data is consistently the most valuable asset that your company possesses. The reality is that almost all businesses have personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI) on their networks. This makes securing this sensitive data a top priority for every company–especially small businesses with limited budgets.​

These are the most common types of data that companies generate:​

  • Customer information​
  • Credit card numbers​
  • Personal phone numbers​
  • Addresses​
  • Social security numbers​
  • Email addresses​
  • Medical and payment records​
  • Salary information​
  • Strategic and business plans​
  • Data about employees, customers​ or contractors​

What are the Threats to Data Security?

External threats​

  • Malware
  • Phishing campaigns​
  • DDoS attacks​
  • Ransomware​

The number of cyber-attacks continues to increase, so companies need to protect their data with even more care. Data protection is the only way to keep data safe, and to protect it against theft or encryption, which are used in order to blackmail companies or sold on the dark web.​

Internal threats​

  • An email sent to the wrong address​
  • A lost or stolen device​
  • Former employee taking client lists​
  • Clicking on a phishing campaign​

The latest studies have shown that up to 95% of data leaks are caused by insiders. Insider threats are on the rise due to digital workspaces, flexible and remote work, and agile and BYOD approaches. Most of these leaks and threats are unintentional – 56% were caused by negligent employees.​

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It is crucial for organizations to have a tool that can prevent data leaks. At Safetica we have seen that when your DLP is properly set, your data is protected against insider threats,” 

Radim Trávníček, CISO in Safetica.​


What are the Consequences​ of Data Leaks?​

Data leaks might cause real damage to an organization. No matter whether the data is in an email, or through communications platforms, databases, IT systems, or portable devices. Leaks are always a huge challenge.​

Data losses can cause​

  • Brand damage​
  • Loss of business secrets​
  • Decrease the value of company stock​
  • Regulation violations and fines from authorities​
  • Customer churn​

Data breaches that SMBs face​

Data protection is one of the most critical components of a comprehensive security strategy.​

Did you know that 60% of small companies go bankrupt after a repeated data breach?​

Smaller businesses do not typically have the resources available to defend themselves against insider threats. However, with Safetica, data protection has become easier than ever and can be implemented with little effort by businesses of all sizes.​


Safetica offers​ a smart, straightforward, and secure SaaS DLP

With a cloud-native DLP solution, you don’t need your own servers or databases. It is designed to run efficiently and reliably in the cloud and it can be deployed in minutes. The only installation requirement is the remote deployment of the “clients” to endpoint devices.​

DLP software available as a service (SaaS) also means you don’t need to worry about keeping it up and running. The vendor’s SLA ensures availability.​


Speed of deployment & implementation​

The Safetica NXT console that runs natively in the cloud can be deployed within ten minutes. Since Safetica NXT is an endpoint DLP, it requires clients to be installed on all endpoint devices that you want to monitor or protect. Endpoints must be rebooted after installation, which takes approximately one day to perform.​

From that point on, all operations are audited and available in the console. It takes several days to collect the first batch of data from your environment. Based on the collected data, you can adjust the settings and add more protection rules.

Three simple deployment steps

~1 DAY ​(till endpoints restarted)​​


The customer’s environment is automatically created in the Microsoft Azure cloud.​


Safetica NXT Client is remotely installed on selected devices.​


Safetica NXT is ready to audit your data and alert you on incidents.​

1. The Safetica NXT console for the customer’s environment is automatically created in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

• Everything is executed within a few minutes, and the console is ready for immediate use.​
• Basic monitoring and protection policies and out-of-the-box templates are ready to be applied.​
• The console is awaiting the installation of endpoints.

2. Safetica NXT Client is remotely installed on selected devices.​

• Installation files for macOS and Windows are available from the console.​
• Endpoint clients can be installed remotely in batch using Group Policy Objects (GPO), using automation tools, or manually to individual devices.​
• The console shows the detailed status of every endpoint device, with additional information, tips, and tools for troubleshooting. 

3. Safetica NXT is ready to audit your data and alert you of incidents.​

• After installation on the endpoints, you can apply pre-configured data categories to be monitored and DLP policies to be enforced, or you can create your own.

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Ease of use (administration)​

Safetica understands that a next-gen DLP needs to be as simple to manage and use as possible. In our experience, Safetica NXT requires 1–2 hours of an admin’s capacity per week, depending on the size of the customer’s environment. ​

Key attributes of Safetica NXT’s ease of use

Straightforward settings and a pre-configured environment let you use Safetica NXT without having to spend hours reading the manual. Automated detection of the safe digital workspace (web and email domains, and devices employees can work with without restrictions applied) and automatically generated reports further reduce the burden on administrators. ​

Safetica NXT has been built as a “risk-driven” DLP that employs smart analytics to evaluate both the risk of data operations and individual users. ​

Simply presented information about low/medium/high-risk events and users helps managers focus on events that require a fast response. Because constantly knowing your risk level can help you anticipate potential incidents that you would have not been able to prevent using DLP policies alone.

In addition to quick deployment, next-gen SaaS DLP provides:​

  • Pre-configured environment based on data security best practices​
  • Straightforward and semi-automated settings​
  • Out-of-the-box data classification templates​
  • Pre-configured recommended DLP policies​
  • Risk-driven incident detection​

who​ we are​

Safetica is a Czech software company that provides Data Loss Prevention and Insider Threat Protection solutions to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Here at Safetica, we believe everyone deserves to know that their data is safe.​


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