Avnu Certified AV over IP Switches for AVB: NETGEAR AV Line M4250 Series

by Anirudh H

The NETGEAR M4250 Series of network switches are compliant with Avnu™ interoperability specifications for AVB (Audio Video Bridging)1. AVB uses standard Ethernet and adds support for real-time audio video and control applications. AVB includes precise timing for accurate synchronization of data streams, and protocols for reserving stream bandwidth resources and low-latency queuing and forwarding rules ensuring stream stability. Together these technologies ensure that video and audio streams in the AVB protocols on NETGEAR M4250 switches are delivered efficiently and within the specifications of the platform.

Avnu Certified products have completed the requirements outlined by the Avnu Certified Logo Program. For more information about the certification of our products, see the Avnu Alliance® website: https://avnu.org/

Explore NETGEAR’s AV Line of M4250 Avnu Certified Switches:
M4250-10G2F-PoE+ (GSM4212P)
M4250-10G2XF-PoE+ (GSM4212PX)
M4250-10G2XF-PoE++ (GSM4212UX)
M4250-12M2XF (MSM4214X)+
M4250-16XF (XSM4216F)
M4250-26G4F-PoE+ (GSM4230P)
M4250-26G4XF-PoE+ (GSM4230PX)
M4250-26G4F-PoE++ (GSM4230UP)
M4250-40G8F-PoE+ (GSM4248P)
M4250-40G8XF-PoE+ (GSM4248PX)
M4250-40G8XF-PoE++ (GSM4248UX)
1 Note that AVB functionality requires a separate license.

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