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Netgear ProSafe Wireless Controller with 2 APs Trail Licenses


High Performance Enterprise-Class Wireless Controller.

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High Performance Enterprise-Class Wireless Controller

The WC7600 Premium Wireless Controller is ideal for K-12 education, hospitality, and healthcare deployments. Designed with simplicity in management and ease of use, it offers enterprise grade functionality and capability for small to midsized organizations, without the cost and complexity of big IT.


Product Number
Supported Modes
Main Functionality
Wireless Controller
Number of Access Points
50 per controller (Default support of 2 with optional license to support up to 50 AP’s)
Maximum AP Supported per Controller
2 (default), 50 with Incremental 10-AP License Upgrades (WC10APL-10000S).
Redundancy Support of Wireless Controller
Stackable up to 3 controllers for a total support of 150 Access Points, Supporting N + 1 redundancy with a maximum configuration of 3 active controllers and 1 standby.
Maximum Profile Groups per Controller
8, Each access point belongs to only one profile group.
Maximum Security Profiles (SSID) per Profile Group
8 per radio (2.4 GHz; 5 GHz)
Maximum Security Profiles (SSID) per Controller
Maximum Rogue APs Detectable per Controller
Maximum Floorplans per Controller
3 (default), Additional floorplans possible with USB local storage (up to a maximum of 18 floorplans).
Number of Captive Portals per Controller
Maximum Clients per AP
WNAP210 support up to 32 clients, WNAP320 support up to 64 clients, WN370 support up to 64 clients, All other AP’s support up to 128 clients.
Maximum Clients per Controller
None other than maximum clients per AP
L2 Mobility/L3 Mobility
L2 fast roaming support between the APs. L3 fast roaming support with encrypted tunnelling between the APs and the controller.
Maximum VLANs per Controller
64 VLANs for SSIDs, 1 configurable management VLAN.
DHCP Server/Relay
Integrated DHCP server, Multiple DHCP server/pool can be added for different VLANs (up to 64).
VLANs for the Wireless Controller
One management VLAN (configurable VLAN ID)
VLANs Access Points / Multiple SSIDs
64 VLANs
VLANs Deployment
The Wireless Controller must have IP connectivity with the access points through the management VLAN. If the Controller and the APs are on different management VLANs, external VLAN routing must allow IP connectivity between the Controller and the APs.
Integrated Deployment Planning
Hierarchical view of the network: Floor maps upload and floor maps dimensions input. Automated RF planning algorithm: Computed number of APs required to cover a floor plan. Theoretical cloud coverage indicated for each AP for positioning assistance on the floor plan.
RF Monitoring
Coverage computing per floor plan, Alert for any detected coverage holes with mitigation options with neighboring APs, Rogue AP/blacklisted clients triangulation.
Support AP Models
  • WAC730 802.11ac 3x3 (1.7 Gbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WAC720 802.11ac 2x2 (1.3 Gbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WNDAP660 802.11n 3x3 (900 Mbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WND930 Outdoor Dual Band 802.11n (600 Mbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WNDAP360 Dual Band 802.11n (600 Mbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WNDAP350 Dual Band 802.11n (600 Mbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WN370 802.11n (300 Mbps) Wall Mount Wireless Access Point
  • WNAP320 802.11n (300 Mbps) Wireless Access Point
  • WNAP210 802.11n (300 Mbps) Wireless Access Point