Activities you can do in self-isolation

Anirudh Hari
1 year ago

The COVID-19 virus situation is continuing to evolve on a daily basis. Many of our customers have lost their normalcy and are currently self-isolating at home.


While it is important to take care of our physical health during this time, it is also important that we do not forget our mental health as well. Keeping a schedule and developing a routine will help you adjust to your new normal. 


Lastly, make sure you are staying up to date with local advisories, while also avoiding news from unreliable sources.

To help customers adjust to life in self-isolation, Brinno have created an online resource of at home activities that can be recorded using your Brinno cameras for adults and kids alike.

Activities you can do in self-isolation

  • Baking with Brinno
  • Growing Plants from Kitchen Scraps
  • Painting
  • Puzzles
  • Home Maintenance
  • DIY Projects (soap, bath bombs, hand salve)
  • Crafts
  • Stop-motion video making
  • Learning at home
  • Undefined